Citroen C5 2017 Release Date and Price

Sunday, December 6th 2015. | Citroen

Citroen C5 2017Although it would not be easy for Citroen to be the leader on the global market especially in sedan segment, they would not give up releasing their popular Citroen C5 2017. It is more than just a sedan, but a minivan too. It could be the option for you who need family car with the premium look.

To deal with some strong competitors, C5 2017 will be designed with more refreshments. Some new touches will be added to give better look compared to the previous model. With those improvements, the car could survive on the market.

Citroen C5 2017 Exterior

To impress buyers at the very first sight, it is completed with more changes around the outer part. The bodywork will be built with longer dimension to give more length for its wheelbase so that the car has better stability than before. Citroen C5 2017 is also has more modern styling as the part of its revisions so that the car is totally stylish and elegant.

Citroen C5 2017 Interior

When you go inside, there are some significant changes to offer. Thanks for Citroen if this car has longer dimension because the cabin will be more spacious compared to the previous model. The improvements around its styling will make it much better than before. Regardless the fact, Citroen C5 2017 is mentioned to have redesigned dashboard so that it has very neat look. The improvement is also added for its audio and safety system.

Citroen C5 2017 Engine

It is true that there are many rumors mentioned that the company will offer some improvements around this latest car but the official itself does not give any confirmation at all yet. Rumors said that buyers will get improved mechanical specification to make it much faster than before. Citroen C5 2017 will be completed with some engine options so that buyers will have wider options based on their needs. First, it could go with petrol engine to produce 120 horsepower. The second engine is 1.5 liter diesel and the last is HDi diesel 2.0 liter. Those engines are not the new ones; Citroen retained the current engines for this car.

Citroen C5 2017 Release Date and Price

We also found a big issue that the company will start its release at the end of 2016. The release date will be for European market first and later will be for Chinese market. Citroen C5 2017 for the price tag is estimated about 24,000 euros.

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