2018 Mercedes GLA Review

Thursday, June 30th 2016. | Mercedes Benz

2018 Mercedes GLA Concept - Front Angle

Produced by Mercedes-Benz, the German car manufacturer GLA is which was marketed with the 2014 model year in 2013 a luxury crossover amazing. He ranks drawings that were coupled with the company designation plan protection with three letters in the 1. About Mercedes-Benz, the third letter represents the size and class of his car. This vehicle was previously while the market with growing sales, as well as strategies to make some changes adopted. The progress of research in the year is refreshing Mercedes GLA 2018.

2018 Mercedes GLA Interior and Exterior

The fourth year of production of the model ABL will bring many changes, and people are excited and eagerly waiting for the launch of this crossover. But for those who can’t wait, what can we expect, or what can we expect? One thing that is known for certain that the basic functions of the 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA remains that same and run on the same platform, borrowed from the class of course. On loan to the CLA and B-class models as well as many pieces are. Looks like we expect a slight rewording on the outside, especially in your front end, the grille of the new model probably will be revised, but are the big Mercedes logo in the same place. The headlights are improved and its shape can easily redrawing, but what is certain is that it powered by the newer LED lights. Large air intakes on the bumpers installed remains unchanged and will fulfill the purpose. We expect to see also equipped a large 18-inch alloy wheels with good tyres for all seasons. External dimensions (inches): Length (173.9), width (71), height (60) and wheelbase (106).

In the Jahr 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA, are everything the same as the current model. Perhaps, the only significant changes are new details of color, as well as adding new materials. So, what can we in the cabin to be expected? There are a lot of standard features, and even more than the current model will be the list, especially if the security systems are mentioned. Ventilation slots remain the same in the cabin, with the classic look circular. In addition, we expect wood, aluminum and leather in the cabin. As you probably think that all seats will be packed by fine leather and have a lot of features for ultimate comfort. In the cabin include electric power steering, transmission control and audio controls standard features on the steering wheel, overhead console controls settings saved for 3 drivers, with storage, cruise control, two zone climate control, AM / FM stereo, auxiliary and USB audio input with external media control, etc.

2018 Mercedes GLA Engine

About the engine of the new Mercedes GLA SUV, it is expected that any change is going to happen. Only two variants in the U.S. market will be offered. The base model will be shut up with the 2.0-liter turbo engine using i-4, with 208 Horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. This engine is coupled with AWD as an option and a 7-speed automatic transmission. The model will also be high performance AMG variant with 360 HP and use the same type of engine, but with BorgWarner turbochargers is equipped.

2018 Mercedes GLA Release Date and Price

Although still not recognized the publication, really expect that all 2018. The price should not change, 2018 Mercedes GLA is expected to be approximately $35,000 for this model the head. The new design of Mercedes-Benz should improve the security model series is known and this price will be really on sale, is likely to test taken the market by storm.