2018 Honda Element Release Date and Price

Monday, June 13th 2016. | Honda

2018 Honda Element Front Image

Finally, the time for the Honda has to shine element in 2018. After a few teases off and a number of ad than the model prepares for the big stage finally make us what we expected for quite some time. Perhaps this is the more attractive model in relation to his name compared to other large outputs, that Honda had, but it is a competitor in its field. And also the element car managed to win much sympathy from the community because of its appearance and its appearance.

2018 Honda Element Interior and Exterior

Outside of this SUV is perfect and makes it better for the family unit. The wheels are 17-inch alloys and provide the best experience for city traffic. Facade of the car covered by a black plastic, the to give the car a more attractive appearance. Front and rear bumpers are relatively reduced, in order to protect the surface of vehicle parts. The use of LED technology and advanced flagship will offer better one without much effort by the driver about night riding experience.

2018 Honda element inside the cabin is large by current models and offers therefore a big hold out for family shopping. An LCD screen is located on the center console offers the driver a simplified driving experience. Additional features include:; HD satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS satellites have contributed to containing a road network and a stereo sound. Honda element 2018 is place comfortably for six passengers with four seats. The front seats offer ample comfort while driving, and they have a side arm for the best comfort. The seats are masterpieces of high quality and offer comfort on long journeys or in city traffic, busy. Through the cabin space enlarged space more space and leg head space is made available, and therefore the load is greatly reduced during the journey.

For the safety of the occupants include the Japanese manufacturers falls installed various safety features, which helps escape or protect the occupants in the event of errors, accidents, these safety features: airbags, traction control, stability control, alarm from Lane, cross-traffic alert and rear view camera for better parking of the car.

2018 Honda Element Engine Specs

2018 Honda element has an efficient and playful engine configuration. This car is powered by a four-cylinder unit, who let go a many pine in the surprise. L TECH four-cylinder engine is a 2.4-liter 4V engine. This configuration will produce up to 139 brake horsepower of energy as well as feet of 3200 pounds of torque. It is good and cheap, given the fact that this car with the aim of city dwellers is designed a specific figure. It is a perfect combination and adds that it fits onto a top speed of about 112 miles per hour.

2018 Honda Element Eelease Date and Price

Once again, there is no official technical communication and manufacturer on the release dates for the Honda varies item 2017, but according to the experts of the automobile, the premium-SUV crossover are used to be published on the automotive markets in the last quarter of the year 2017 or here in the first quarter of the year 2018 and the price is something between 19 000-24 $000 or a little more depending on the needs of the market.

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