2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD Changes and Release Date

Saturday, June 11th 2016. | GMC

2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD Changes Front Angle

With a combination of comfort and capacity belongs to the new 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD maybe among an elite class of heavy trucks, particularly strongly consider if in its category of shopping. Highlights, a solid processing underlying his boldness, refuel a CNG available for its regular V8, a serene and refined ride quality, a strong diesel engine and impressive towing to model and capacity. 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD date should take some time before this case according to the latest news.

2018 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Interior and Exterior

More than half of the GMC Sierra 2500 2018 body consists of high-strength steel. This material is also available in the full box Rails and sleepers of the main chassis used. New 2018 GMC Sierra come with some details, mainly on the front-end server. Repeated front fascia with new headlights and grille get probably the new model. Hood-style and slightly heavier entry wind appears to space in the hood get increase and cooling.

Inner GMC Sierra 2018 there will be also some changes. The cabin is more emphatically, that never come chrome details. Engineers, using high-quality materials and in four trim package textures available. He gets redesigned new Center a console, designed to maximize storage. Five USB, low height for a unit of 120 Volt plug-in the and various holders and additional storage space of 300 Watts. The vehicle keys with a firm grip and a driver information center, which is located between the speedometer and tachometer.

2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD Engine

Big GMC Sierra 2500HD need a great engine, her butt to move. The best thing about the new truck engine is that it not only chasing the force that produces it, but it continues the economic consumption. The new Duramax engine is the new innovation of the motor with more efficient fuel consumption. 6.6 l diesel engine Turbo system stimulates the trucks achieve 450 hp. The size of horses is certainly a monstrous amount and you get the best skills much hauling heavy tasks to do.

2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD Release Date and Price

2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD will be released to half of next year. The official price of the truck has not been determined, but the company is information about this soon. It is assumed that the initial price (MSRP) for the model of the GMC Sierra 2500HD 2018 is about $33 000 , while the Denali 2500HD more than $50,000 would cost.