2018 Ford Taurus Redesign and Release Date

Saturday, June 11th 2016. | Ford

2018 Ford Taurus Redesign Front Angle

The new 2018 Ford Taurus are now faster, lighter and the predecessors be more economical if it will be this year in sales. The weight of the car should be reduced, during the transfer of fuel consumption and performance will be offered now in the context of measures to boost 9 speeds.

2018 Ford Taurus Exterior and Interior

Ford prepares a complete redesign of the model Taurus, which is to be completed and presented in the third quarter of the year 2018. The platform of the Ford Fusion is stretched to develop the bull 2018 platform. The rear overhang increased in length, while the wheelbase will be expanded. In addition, the platform of the Ford Fusion is extended.

The new Ford Taurus 2018 are major changes in his style and structure. There will be longer and wider wheelbase enhance comfort and space in the cabin. The vehicle have a smooth shape, the be the most modern and beautiful. The front of this large full of cars have a large grille and headlights. The default color palette will provide more nuances while rims will have elegant rims. The new Taurus 2018 will have a new frontier and updated with a top Grille Guard and bumper, headlights smooth and several strips of chrome.

The Interior there are new materials! There are notes of wood, metallic grain highlights and cowhide leather-trimmed seats. The vehicle will have eight seats in three rows. The rear seats are collapsible on course for additional burden to create. The vehicle is an 8-inch TFT screen and 2 GB memory for street maps. Ford Taurus 2016 are a part of ultra large 16-inch screen and a solid framework of 650 Watts. The car offers a cleaner, view cam side alley-watch, cam mirror and standard safety features.

In the dashboard elements are the modern command as a larger touch screen, Bluetooth connectivity, satellite radio, SMS support, HD traffic reports, electronic parking brake, traction control, parking aid, tire pressure monitoring system and a system airbags and protection of shipping improved. Ford Taurus 2016, the car safety features is significantly improved. The vehicle is equipped with a DVD player and wireless communication capabilities.

2018 Ford Taurus Engine

The base version of the engine will be powered by a 4-cylinder 2 L naturally aspirated gearbox. However, most customers prefer the powerful 3.5 L V6, the cranks, approx. 288 hp. Another option to consider is 4 cylinder engine Turbo 2.0 L comes with a capacity of approximately 240 hp. The scores of the turbo engine above better can back them 22/32 mpg in city/highway in terms of economy in the entire collection. Ford Taurus police interceptor will receive the 305 hp 3.7 L V6. Keep checking our customers cars for a full update of the limited edition of 2016 Ford Taurus.

2018 Ford Taurus Release Date and Price

Details about the new 2018 prices expect Taurus Ford we the base version of the vehicle for sale in the retail trade at a price of 27, 000USD. While at the other end, variants of the sedan-limited for the flagship of the Ford certainly is thrown back to 35 000 USD. The new 2016 Ford Taurus is expected to reach showrooms in the second half of this year. Also a variety of representations of the sedan will integrate the range of Ford police interceptor.