2018 Ford Raptor Rumors

Saturday, January 7th 2017. | Ford

In 2015 North American International Auto Show, Ford arrives with attractive design 2018 Ford Raptor and will be the focus of interest. It is designed with a new concept to complete this car double cabin with large, which is more than enough to support a large family or for those who want to wear it with some great things. It is the full-size pickup with the best design to complete from Ford with the new great raster 2018 Raptor.

2018 Ford Raptor Interior and Exterior

Since it is designed as a full-size car, 2018 Ford Raptor is still using the power from just as a pick-up truck level. It has a stronger performance, bigger, wiser, harder and more reliable than the previous model. It is also designed to go with off-road and street capacity. The most important information is that the company make it more efficient than before. One can see that the car has more than 227 kg less weight, because some parts of the body are designed with aluminum material.

The driving force in 2018 Ford Raptor goes with the configuration of all-wheel drive with six modes for experience as normal road, mud driving and sand, time, steel and rock mode. This is why this car could handle any type of terrain. It is the perfect choice for those who love adventure and great ride in difficult roads.

2018 Ford Raptor Engine

In terms of its engine division, Ford will consider the EcoBoost engine as the best option. This means that they go with V6 EcoBoost and 3.5 cc. Compared to the option predecessor engine that was V8, the new engine is smaller, but its strong is quite acceptable to produce the production amount to about 411 horsepower and 587 newtonmeter output torque. We are pleased that 2018FordRaptor know has been tested with this engine in 1000 steel event in 2010.

2018 Ford Raptor Release Date and Price

We must admit that Turbo-V6 has softer compared to the previous model. If the predecessor was offered at the cost of nearly $ 50,000, we believe these 2018 Ford Raptor cost more expensive. Some engine variants and other features are the reason for their more expensive price. Therefore, to anticipate your arrival, you need to create your budget since it will leave at the end of 2017.