2018 Dodge Magnum Rumors

Sunday, June 19th 2016. | Dodge

2018 Dodge Magnum Specs Front Angle

What is the release date of the Dodge Magnum 2018? It is unclear at the moment, but we bring you back to the year 2008, as part of his series was released. The Dodge Magnum is a powerful car. There are several decisions of the motor. There are models with V6 and V8. The first is powerful enough, but more of the makes. It’s pretty hard to find used versions of this series at this time. If you are in a classic car, you buy, to enrich your collection. What we love about this topic? It was released for several times. An interesting fact is, that the last was pretty much believable around.

2018 Dodge Magnum Exterior and Interior

Because the new edition as well as running at high speed. Its first generation since around 2005 when moving, that the last series was inaugurated in 2008. At this time, there is a large display that Dodge should be improved with a new touch and body lines, that this sports car might have more buyers with updates and improvements. It is mentioned that the body is a little lower and more elegant compared to the predecessor model. In this way, it is nicer to make. The company would like to lower than previously to make the roof line.

Speaking about the cabin, he got a more attractive interior, while the presence of materials of high quality to 2016 Dodge Magnum as a soft plastic and aluminium. Expect you to hold 27.8 cubic is sufficient, which support more information about improved features to provide a higher level of better driving experience. Here you will find modern anti anti-lock braking system, stability control, folding rear seat, and much more.

2018 Dodge Magnum Engine

According to rumors, underhood 2018 Dodge Magnum 2.7 L V6 engine as 2008 are the old version of the model year, but it produces 190 HP with a few changes inside. The same engine produces 178 HP @ 5500 rpm and 180 pound-feet of torque in the oldest Magnum 2006. A 3.5 L V6 is also predicted, that produces almost 250 hp. A further 8-cylinder engine is the most powerful model SRT8 production capacity by more than 390 provided hp. The most typical type of 5-speed automatic transmission used in the Dodge car now days usual. Dodge Magnum have a brake system and the most advanced traction control lock, because the stability of the vehicle in model year 2008 have been a problem. In contrast to the 2008 Dodge Magnum have model 2016 an inner need better plastic chap be installed instead of material that also help to reduce the empty weight. The company has not established, detailed properties of this new model is not possible to give more information of fuel efficiency and the speed of the car without confirmation.

2018 Dodge Magnum Release Date and Price

It is not known if the Organization will reveal all the details on this new edition. The release date and the price is not recognized. However the costs according to some sources, about $30,000 for 2016 could Dodge Magnum.