2018 Chevy Blazer Concept and Release Date

Saturday, June 11th 2016. | Chevy

2018 Chevy Blazer Concept Front Angle

A special vehicle aims to be back in the economy. A car that made its presentation in 1969 and was set in 1995 will be again. This two door SUV was expected by many fans. GM looks to expand a rapprochement with its game utility given the boost of the potential of the sector and the development of the economy of course. Hypotheses say organized the Organization of many you will for the most part of Chevy fans.

2018 Chevy Blazer Interior and Exterior

According to the concept, the Chevy Blazer is assumed that insider 2018 model be introduced branch, for the first time this year, after it has been removed by 1995 production. The recent resumption of the popular series of truck SUV is due to a request of the growing market for these models and overall good economic situation of the entire automotive industry was expected to continue over several years. The display concept model features a 2-door station wagon body configuration, but it could be adapted in a version 4 doors for the South American market. There is also a rear feature with a primary placement front wheel drive engine platform.

Blazer was added last seen years and therefore a completely different atmosphere, the perfect 2016 Chevy in the mid-90s the time it was released. The new model has undergone several changes, so that it matches the tastes & preferences of today’s generation. The Interior has a very modern style more a high-tech dashboard; very attractive led measurement based satellite navigation advanced system called, «Pioneer AVIC X930BT» and an updated Infotainment System. The model can accommodate up to 4 people, without feeling a tightening of the space and the amount of space for the carriage of goods. In the year 2018 will receive Chevy Blazer, what can be called the greatest lift in its history as an SUV. It has a series of nine tail lights and the redesigned & front rear bumper spoiler, 17-inch alloy wheels, NISMO shields; The model has a design in the aerodynamic package, which reduces drag and thus fuel efficiency increase.

2018 Chevy Blazer Engine

Speaking of engines, will be the new Chevy Blazer 2018 according to recent reports, a very powerful 6.0 liter V8 engine have, which is capable of up to 345 HP. Other that this modification on the engine to change plans, outside which the new 2018 Chevy Blazer Chevy. For a long time, the outer sides of the Blazer remained more or less the same, but the new model should come with the massive changes. Even so the vehicle look still big and strong. In addition, the Blazer is more elegant than the current model look with more than a few modifications.

2018 Chevy Blazer Release Date and Price

We are special thoughts are still paying at the thought of this SUV cool sound. The idea of the model can only in the year 2016 come and all in all, we expect in December 2017, so a lot of time having the earliest arrival of this Chevy to waste. We can be recorded, then also hope also predictions that everything is the cost between $70-80 000, but without a doubt, into something stunning. Chevrolet is popular and thusly, which can calculate organization that he wants. This is about what we think the Chevy Blazer 2018.