2018 BMW X 1 Rumors

Saturday, May 21st 2016. | BMW

2018 BMW X 1 Rumors Front Angle

BMW X 1 2018 breaks down not only new ways, but it deviates also established routines. At first glance of the car you will be sports impressed by this engine. The facade is defined by a long wheelbase and typical short arms. However, inner philosophy remains as in the earlier marks of the company. Inside is not inviting, but it is also highly variable. Passengers and drivers will appreciate the high quality seats. The dynamic and powerful motor, must be integrated into this car it is so powerful. This template should be improved so the class of BMW and will distribute in the competitive market.

2018 BMW X 1 Interior and Exterior

X 1 series comes with improved structure. BMW to launch the new version with a single platform. This changes the shape and appearance of the X 1 use of aluminum is more with steel. This will certainly reduce the structural weight of the vehicle.

There are many external improvements planned. Experts hope that BMW the most stylish successor. It’s time to get rid of the classical trends. The new BMW will be a super luxury with an attractive tree car 2018 X 1 model. The grid based BMW. It has large vents for better ventilation. Grid is divided into two sections. BMW has aerodynamics that improved this time. The vehicle has LED headlights and indicators based. The hood is elegant by lift margins. There is a sober look and appearance. 17 inch and aluminum alloy wheels are the width of the tire.

On the other hand, the cabin with the help of special infrastructure has been improved. It is a combination of new tachometer, power steering, a new transmission and attractive dashboard. The touchscreen is large (8 inch) with special audio system. There are 7 speakers to increase their impact. Users can put ambient, updates the air-conditioning, satellite radio, USB, Wi – Fi, Bluetooth, and plug Smartphone. GoogleMaps, rear view camera and improved navigation are also in the new model.

2018 BMW X 1 Engine

Engine, used for the model BMW X 1 is always undefined. However, the car company has listen links that the engine most likely to use the 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbo engine. This engine has the ability to 258 lb-ft torque and end 240 horses. This engine can the car will accelerate to 100 km/h in 4 seconds. Without a doubt, it is the model of a sports car. Direction next to the motor receives much tuning, gearbox; Brakes and suspension will be improved more, to make the capabilities of the binding.

2018 BMW X 1 Release Date and Price

The base price will be $35 000, $40,000 in the United States. There are high chances that with Toyota Camry, Audi Q5 and Mercedes Benz GLA45 2018 BMW X 1 will participate.