2017 Ford Lightning SVT Specs and Release Date

Saturday, February 6th 2016. | Ford

New Ford Lightning2017 Ford Lightning is the other new pickup truck. This model is one of the biggest plans from the Ford. The first debut of this model was released in 1993. As the new full-size pickup truck, this vehicle will be formidable look. This vehicle has good and interesting design. Several modern technology features will complete this truck. We will feel so much comfort when driving this vehicle future with incredible performance. Besides that, 2017 Ford Lightning designed for off-road and on-road. This new truck redesigned using high quality performance to face the other rivals in the automobile markets, especially the fuel economy, top speed, and acceleration will be improved.

2017 Ford Lightning Exterior

The redesign concept of new Ford Lightning will be very intriguing and awesome. As a new pickup truck, this vehicle will have several changes in all aspects. It will make 2017 Ford Lightning more stylish look. There will be new bumpers, new grille, and new lights without removing signatures as strong and powerful pickup truck vehicle. Besides that, the new features and better materials will make this truck more aggressive, so the vehicle is able to catch the attention of buyers.

2017 Ford Lightning Interior

Move to the interior sides that will offer some improvements for the cabin. The cabin will be more stylish look and even classier than previous model. Some materials for the interior will have high-level quality, so the 2017 Ford Lightning will be more comfortable. Compared with the previous model, this new vehicle will provide a better driving experience. For the entertainment featured will be upgraded, so it will be more modern. Besides that, the passengers and the driver will get excellent design and interesting with several these improvements. When driving this vehicle future, they will feel very good comfort.

2017 Ford Lightning Engine

The engine system for new Ford Lightning will have high performance. Compared with the previous model, the new Ford Lightning will be the strong truck with powerful engine specification. Under the hood of this vehicle will be powered with a new EcoBoost engine technology. It has capacity of a 5.3 liter V8 engine. The engine will feature the improved fuel consumption of 2017 Ford Lightning in the city and on the highway. Besides that, the acceleration will be better, while the maximum speed will make this vehicle move faster than previous model.

2017 Ford Lightning Price and Release Date

The new pickup truck of 2017 Ford Lightning will arrive in the market around in the beginning of 2017.

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