2017 Chevy Spark EV Release Date, Review, Price

Tuesday, January 19th 2016. | Chevy

2017 Chevy Spark Front AngleA new model car that has an attractive and stylish design is 2017 Chevy Spark. This car will come out with four doors and four passenger seats. The South Korea sells this new car at low price. The automaker designs the cabin to be more comfortable and convenience. Besides that, the new Spark will suit the future generation in term of fuel consumption and price. There is advanced machines that give qualities performance. The manufacturer also gives two pulley setups and a belt for the 2017 Spark.

2017 Chevy Spark Redesign

The latest Chevy Spark will be available in several trim levels. It will be available in all electric versions. Based on the rumor, the design concept of new Chevy Spark will have similarities with its predecessor. The nose of this vehicle will be longer. Besides that, 2017 Chevy Spark also gets new headlights, the air conditioning gadgets, alloy wheels and the power windows. Then the steering wheel, remote and a television system with 7 inches touch screen and Bluetooth will complete the top trims. The cabin will have more space, so that it will give more comfort in driving experience. There will be available resting and cargo space. Then the driver’s seat will be adjustable to make the steering wheel comfortable. Therefore, the new design in both exterior and interior parts will give aggressive, attractive, and elegant look.

2017 Chevy Spark Engine

The new vehicle of Chevy Spark will have 84 horsepower and 83 lb-ft of torque from a 1.2 liter 4-cylinder engine under its hood. To produce the better performance of 2017 Chevy Spark, the engine will be combined with manual transmission. As the consequence, the new Spark will reach acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in just 10.5 seconds. Then the fuel economy will get 34 mpg all combined. Compared with the previous model, the latest Chevy Spark will reach better speed performance.

2017 Chevy Spark Price and Release Date

Unfortunately, the information of price tag and date of launch are still unclear because the automaker has no confirmed it. However, the rumor mentions that 2017 Chevy Spark will have higher price than previous model that is $14.232 for the best trim. Possibility this new car will be released in 2017. In the marketplace later, the latest Chevy Spark will face with the other rivals such as 2017 Chevy Volt that has unique type and quality to perform. Besides that, the latest Chevy Spark will also face the 2017 Ford Fiesta that has an attractive and interesting design. The rivals that will arrive in the market have good drive train.

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