2017 Chevy Bolt Release Date and Price

Sunday, December 27th 2015. | Chevy

2017 Chevy BoltGM’s Brand Chevrolet will release 2017 Chevy Bolt in the next year. The concept of this vehicle was unveiled at Detroit Auto Show. It will make shock waves in the automotive sector. This car designed to be a 200 miles electric car, so that this car will bring a new revolution into the world of electric vehicles. Besides the new performance, the new appearance will support the exterior and interior parts. Therefore, 2017 Bolt will be unique and impressive look.

2017 Chevy Bolt Exterior and Interior

In the exterior parts, some innovative features can catch the attention of buyers. The bodyweight of this car will be more efficient and the visual appearance more elegant. The manufacturer pushes out the wheels into the corner. To deal with the problem of lack of overhangs, the manufacturer designs this positioning. Besides that, the wheels will be made from a lightweight aluminum material. It also insert between the spokes. The new wheels will make 2017 Chevy Bolt has a unique look. To gives room for plenty of glass, the roof will be tall. The bodywork also uses lightweight materials that composed of carbon fiber, aluminum and magnesium. Overall, the latest Chevy Bolt will be cool and sleek look.

The side glass will be completed with a full glass roof, so that it will make the interior will be more spacious look. Besides that, it is one of the most visible interior features of new Chevy Bolt. The cabin of 2017 Chevy Bolt will be supported with a dual-cockpit layout and several high technology features. There will be available some gadgets that allow the user interact with the other people easily. There is also more space for the headroom and legroom, so it will give more comfortable in driving. The light color scheme is awesome. Between light seats, which are on top of the aluminum pedestals, we will find a center console. We will also see a 10-inch touch screen that allows the driver easily accessible. In addition, to help the driver to control the vehicle easily, the new Chevy Bolt will be supported with a Bolt Connect app. Besides that, the app can be used to park and retrieve the vehicle from parking.

2017 Chevy Bolt Engine

Based on the rumor, new model of Chevy Bolt will be powered with and advanced lithium-ion battery. It is able to deliver output over 200 miles of all electric range. The fast DC charging capabilities will complete the battery, so that it can reach 80% of the charge in not more than 45 minutes. Besides that, for climate control system, the 2017 Chevy Bolt will be supported with an Electric Compressor. To make communication with a DC quick charging station, the manufacturer also gives a power communication module. Then a High Power Distribution Module will enable the power distribution in this new Chevy Bolt.

2017 Chevy Bolt Price and Release Date

This new vehicle has amazing features, possibility 2017 Chevy Bolt will go around $30.000. Besides that, the rumor mentions that this vehicle will be released in the end of 2016.